Monday, July 14, 2014

The Caucasus Mountains and Day Devoted to Oil

By Adele Gallogly:

On Sunday, July 13th we explored and had a fascinating excursion in the Caucuses mountains. We had a chance to discover the Guba Genocide Memorial Complex. This visit offered us the chance to learn more about the history of Azerbaijan. In addition, we had a chance to discover the Caucuses mountains.
The mountains are incredibly beautiful. It was amazing to take an excursion in a gondola which brought us to the top of one of the mountains which led us to get a spectacular view of the mountains. It was also very nice to have a chance to view the towns and countryside as we traveled to our destination. I greatly enjoyed my experience discovering the Caucuses mountains.
I was greatly looking forward to hearing Dr. Brenda Shaffer speak on Monday, July 14th . I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear her speak at American University regarding the future of Oil and Energy and looked forward to hearing her in Baku. The presentation was excellent and offered us the opportunity to learn more about energy security and the energy politics of major powers. It was very interesting to learn more about global trends in terms of the use of oil and natural gas. I also very much enjoyed having the opportunity to hear from Mr. Shamar Movsumov, regarding (SOFAZ) the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan.  I am very much looking forward to the program tomorrow on the International Politics of Energy.

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