Monday, July 14, 2014

Focus on the Environment and Trip to Mud Volcanoes

By Adele Gallogly:

On July 11th, 2014, we had an opportunity to take a tour of a Waste to Energy Plant. It was very interesting to discover the plant and learn more about it’s operations. 
We then met as a group for lunch. Following the lunch we had the opportunity to attend a very interesting session on the effects of Global Climate Change on the Caspian Basin. It was a great experience having the chance to gain a deeper understanding of climate change and on how the Caspian region has been impacted by climate change over the years. In the evening, we had the chance to gather as a group and discover a historic pub in the city of Baku. The following day we had an excursion to Gobustan. It was very interesting to discover the museum of Gobustan as well as discover the mud volcanoes. It was an amazing experience getting the chance to view the rock engravings which can be viewed in Gobustan.  It was an incredibly beautiful excursion and a wonderful opportunity to visit the surrounding areas.    

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