Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Baku

By Adele Gallogly

On July 19th and 20th I prepared for my departure from Baku to Tbilisi. My experiences in Baku and Tbilisi were great learning experiences and I look forward to continuing my exploration of the region through my paper. I had a chance to wish farewell to fellow classmates and took some final pictures of the area where we were staying before taking a taxi to the airport.
I looked forward to returning to Tbilisi for a couple of days before departing for the U.S.  Tbilisi is a beautiful city and I loved returning and exploring the city a bit before returning to the U.S. Although I did not have a chance to meet with some of my former colleagues it was very nice to wander around the Old Town which I had a chance to really get to know well when living in Tbilisi. I had a chance to view Metehki Church as well as cross the Peace Bridge and take in the view of the city. I really loved my experience in Tbilisi and would very much like to return soon!

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